Halo 2 Links

The Golden Horde (Bungie) - Our Clan Stat page on - Halo 2 central.

Misc. Game Links - Very good game review site.
Game-Over - Great site for new patches.
Ventrilo - the voice-chat of choice.
Clan Templates - They provided us with this sweet template and have many more high quality ones.

Computer Upgrade Links

Newegg - The best place to buy parts online. Extremely Fast and reliable (Good prices too)
Tom's - Best hardware review site.
Hard - A very good review site for overclocking.
8Dimensional Reviews - This place catalog's all sorts of reviews for computer parts.
Pricewatch - This is THE place to start looking at prices for parts. - If you find a site on pricewatch you haven't shopped at before, check it out here.
ZipZoomFly - Formerly A cheap and reliable place to buy hardware.

Other Useful Links

Ebaums World - Funniest Stuff around.
WEB Attack - An Awesome place for truly free software. - Emulation Central. - So many cool fonts. - Find some Wallpapers, other art.