Amazing music arcade game playing. Unknown Japanese game but obviously he owns it completely Amazing Music Arcade
Watch old Atomic Bomb footage. Intense Atomic Bomb
Two old people messing with someone's head. From Anti-Boredom campaign Anti-Boredom Wheel
Cool Foosball trick. Sure to piss your opponent off. Foosball Trick
High speed chase. That man has complete control over his vehicle Mustang Spin
Brawl footage. Pacers Vs. Fans (From ESPN Coverage) NBA Brawl
Best human imitation of a Robot. Funny and impressive. (From a Korean Talent Show) Robot Dance
How not to pull a car out of snow, A painful lesson Snow Tow - How not to
Amazing Soccer footage. Half time uber entertainment. Mr. Woo - Soccer
Street drummer uses only 5-gallon pails to make a badass drum solo Street Drummer
Simply stunning Super Mario Bros. 3 playing. (2nd Level, Canonball level and how he kills Bowser are highlights) Super Mario 3 In 11 minutes
Solves a Rubik's Cube in about 15 seconds. Just listen to the cube whir Speed Cubing